Sunday, 25 October 2020

Fabric Review by Hazel A Patterns

Hazel from Hazel A Patterns is taking over the blog today.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a major love affair going on with linen! As soon as it gets warm, I ditch the denim, and get straight into my linen mix trousers, dresses, tops… get the picture? In general, most of Vicky’s fabric is quilting cotton, but she ordered a range from Dashwood earlier this year which is 55% cotton and 45% linen. She offered me a length to sew a garment of my choice, and I decided to make an Allegro skirt, from Love Notions patterns, in Midnight Garden Swirls.

The first thing I do with new fabrics is wash them, and I also tumble-dried this fabric. It kept its shape perfectly, and came out so soft! (I am sure you are not supposed to tumble dry this fabric, but I decided to do it anyway to make future washing more straightforward). I didn’t need to iron it either, another bonus.

The pattern is a casual skirt, with an elasticated waist and a drawstring tie to finish. I had already made a muslin of the Allegro trousers from the same pattern, so I knew I could make a straight size 14. Love Notions patterns are print at home, but don’t need to be trimmed before sticking together, so it took very little time to organise myself, ready for sewing! It does make a nice change, as with smaller projects I seem to spend more time cutting out and applying interfacing than I do at the machine. I spent a bit of extra time fussy cutting the pockets, but from start to finish, including overlocking, was one afternoon. In terms of fit, the pattern has the added bonus of a raised back waist, so that when I wear the skirt the hem is level, an adjustment I would usually have to do myself.

Beautiful pattern matching on the pocket!

I made the skirt at the beginning of September, and have worn it many times since, and washed it 3 times. It is a lovely fabric to wear, soft and cool, and I look forward to using more in the future.

Fabric used: 1 ½m of 54” wide fabric

Pattern: Love Notions Allegro skirt

Notions: ½” twill tape for tie, 1 ½” knit elastic, scrap of interfacing, and I also chose to use two metal eyelets on the waistband

Cost to make: Approx. £26 


Fabric - Dashwood Studio - Midnight Garden Swirls

Pattern -

Happy sewing!


Friday, 9 October 2020

Boxes of Fabulous - September

October is here and it's time to give you a closer look at the gorgeous fabrics, patterns and accessories which featured in September's Boxes of Fabulous. As all of the fabrics are brand new ranges each month, so are pre-ordered, usually months before, I then choose the bag pattern for the Bigger Box which will look great made from that month's fabrics.

Bigger Box of Fabulous

As well as the fabrics from the Flowerette range by Art Gallery Fabrics, also included was a piece of navy blue leatherette for the contrast, a zip for the interior pocket, Scanfil All Purpose sewing thread, a tuck lock, bag slider, rectangular ring and a piece of foam stabiliser. The bag pattern in the box was The Squiffy Sling by MrsH.

Little Box of Fabulous

For September's Little Box of Fabulous, Hazel from Hazel A Patterns designed an organiser which fits on the back of your chair, where you can keep to hand the sewing equipment you use the most, so very useful! 
Hazel designed this project specifically for September's fabrics, Cotton Couture by QT Fabrics as they are sewing themed! The project card is available to download from my Etsy store, here

Inside the box was a seam ripper, two rolls of washi tape which Hazel finds really useful to mark sewing lines on her fabric, Scanfil All Purpose sewing thread and a piece of foam stabiliser.

Want to try one of the boxes?

Happy sewing!


Monday, 5 October 2020

Keep-It-Close Organiser by Hazel A Patterns

September's Little Box of Fabulous featured a new project card designed by Hazel from Hazel A Patterns. With a new season upon us, it's time to get organised in the sewing room, or in my case, sewing space!

With this in mind here is the Keep-It-Close Organiser! This is designed to hook over the back of your chair to keep all those important pieces of sewing paraphernalia all together in one place! 😃 

I used fabrics from the Cotton Couture range by QT Fabrics, which you can find on the website here. It's a quick and easy make and doesn't need very much fabric and would make an ideal gift for a sewists birthday or as a Christmas present!

The project card is available to download in my Etsy shop, which you will find here.

Happy sewing!

Sunday, 4 October 2020

The Squiffy Sling from Mrsh

Back to some bag making for me! The bag pattern which went into September's Bigger Box of Fabulous was for The Squiffy Sling designed by Mrsh, which is available to buy on my website! My subscribers to this box received fabrics from a new range by Art Gallery Fabrics, Flowerette by AGF Studio. For my bag make I chose to use the whales themed fabric from Dashwood Studio's range, Into the Blue. This is a fun range of fabrics featuring turtles, seaweed, tiny seahorses and jellyfish and goes really well with the Dashwood Twist in Viridian I used for the lining.

The Bigger Box for September also contained some very soft faux leather in navy for the overlay. I have a machine foot for sewing vinyl but it's not the best so I used the walking foot which came with my machine for the topstitching, sew much better! There is loads of info on the internet about sewing with faux leather, and if you've not sewn with it before then sew some samples first with different feet. Tip: lengthen your stitch when sewing faux leather into a seam, this will help to stop the stitches showing too much on the outside.

I made the small size and found that I needed more interfacing than the pattern stated, you will need 90cm not 1/2 yard. There is an errata on Mrsh's website about this error.
If you haven't any double sided tape to use on the top of the overlay to turn the edges over then you could use fabric glue which is what I did.

This pattern is a great starter pattern as there aren't many pieces. What I found unusual was the bag flap came as one piece with the full body of the bag! I've never come across that design before but it works very well. 
You may have noticed that the design of fabric I used for the outside of the bag was a one way design. Because whales and dolphins swim around in all directions I wasn't too worried about how the flap would look! 😉😉 Tip: check if the fabric is a one way design before cutting out the pattern, this could affect how the flap looks from the front of the bag, i.e upside down, or not!

The lock which was in the box was a Prym Tuck Lock. These are very easy to install but if you are unsure then I have found a video for you to refer to. 👇

Happy sewing!

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Double-Flap Tablet Clutch

If you're anything like me you can never find your headphones, charger and power pack to your tablet when you're travelling! I'm going on holiday soon and Hazel's project which featured in July's Little Box of Fabulous came just at the right time! It's a lovely make, a quick sew and showcases your favourite fabrics.

Here is the Double-Flap Tablet Clutch! 

I will be using mine for my tablet, but as the name suggests it would make a lovely clutch bag for an evening out and features echo quilting on the front pocket. For added detail you could use a metallic thread or variegated thread for the quilting, which would make it really special.

Showcasing the outside pocket.

The fabrics are from my stash, I've had them for so long I have no idea where they came from!

This would make a fabulous Christmas gift, you can purchase and download the pattern on Etsy.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

A Gift For Me Jewellery Box!

This month's Little Box of Fabulous contained a project card for a very pretty fabric Jewellery Box, designed by Hazel Adam. I used the fabrics which went into July's box which were from Art Gallery Fabrics - 365 Fifth Avenue. 'Embellished with eye-catching florals mixed with mid-century geometrics, one imagines the chic trends of apparel and decor during the 1950's and '60's with these prints.'
The fabrics are now available to buy on the website.

Inside you will find plenty of pockets to keep your favourite jewellery and a wrapped centre section which is perfect for larger pieces. Use three of your favourite fabrics to make this beautiful box, and make one for your bestie too!

The project card for A Gift For Me Jewellery Box is now available to purchase and download here.

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

The Redwood Tote from Noodlehead

In my Bigger Box of Fabulous for July was a bag pattern for the Redwood Tote by Noodlehead, and this is my make. I have used the fabrics which were in the subscription box, Midnight Garden from Dashwood Studio. These are a cotton and linen mix and are a great fabric for this style of bag, two zips and some bag hardware complete the project.

If you received July's Subscription Box with this pattern I have a few hints and tips for you! Or if you would like to try making this bag you can purchase the pattern here on my website.

The fabric suggested on the pattern is based on 112cm wide fabric, the fabric I chose for the bag is 147cm wide. I cut all my exterior bag pieces including the base, handles and strap out of the rain cloud print, the piece I used was 50cm in length, and I used the stripe for the lining which was 60cm. With careful planning and measuring, I was able to fit the relevant pieces onto the different fabrics. There aren't any pattern pieces to cut and lay out, everything is cut with a ruler and rotary cutter or scissors, there is a suggested layout in the instructions.

The zips which were included were from zipping by the metre, I always use this kind of zipping, generally a #5 so I can cut it to whatever size I need. I allow a bit more then cut off the excess. Sometimes you need to put the zip pull onto the tape and I use the kitchen fork method! Below is a video showing how to do this, it's in German but it is only 1 minute long and visually very easy to follow.

The video below shows how to shorten a zip to the length you need. You could also sew some stitches the other end of the zip as well which would be the top of your zip. As the end of the zip will be enclosed in the fabric I don't usually do this but if you are worried about the pull coming off while you are working with it then go ahead. This method can only be used for nylon/plastic zips as metal ones are much more difficult to shorten!

Here is Hazel modelling the bag so you can get a better idea of the size.

This is the lining of the bag which has a double slip pocket sewn onto it.
It's a fairly straightforward bag to make and if you are using directional fabric make sure you cut all the pieces out the same way, and sew together facing the same way, ask me how I know!

Happy sewing!